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Xoanxo Cespon

Aerdenhout - Netherlands








Xoanxo Cespon

Aerdenhout - Netherlands

Xoanxo Cespon - Fine Artist

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About Xoanxo Cespon

I always find it very difficult to come up with words and concepts that would better define myself or my aims behind the works that I contribute to create. The best definition I was ever given of myself was from my good friend Aziz that once said to me 'You are what makes this moment possible'. I like that!!! From that view is how I aim to collaborate with my emotions, circumstances, surroundings when living my life. My contribution in the creation of Art works do not differ on how I approach social relations or any other type of interaction. Sometimes, instinctively, spontaneously, in collaboration with my surroundings, often responding to how they behave in an impulsive, emotional or unconscious way, but sometimes with premeditation and intention to manipulate in order to serve my own desires. The process of creating leads me often to disappear as an idea where time ceases to exist and conflicts completely vanish, it is then, when I truly feel I have become 'one' with the 'moment'...I realise that the works I help creating are the results of my collaboration with many other factors which are completely out of my control and my own contribution does not always follow a reasoned or logical process of thought.

While in the past I aimed at becoming a different artist by attempting to do something unique, original, different to anything that had been done before, I now consider 'Originality' to be the sincere expression of oneself, and That is what I aim at Today with my Art and Life.

If you are reading this, I hope you enjoy the works!!!

For more information you can also visit www.xoanxo.com


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Amapola by Xoanxo Cespon


People and places 2 by Xoanxo Cespon


People and Places by Xoanxo Cespon


People and places by Xoanxo Cespon


T5 Art by Xoanxo Cespon


Seasons by Xoanxo Cespon


Pavement Art 3 by Xoanxo Cespon


T5 Art 2 by Xoanxo Cespon


Redes 4 by Xoanxo Cespon


Redes 5 by Xoanxo Cespon


Redes 6 by Xoanxo Cespon


Man made Abstract 3 by Xoanxo Cespon


Path 4 by Xoanxo Cespon


Path 2 by Xoanxo Cespon


Path 3 by Xoanxo Cespon


Fiestra 3 by Xoanxo Cespon


Fiestra 2 by Xoanxo Cespon


Arte Urban 7 by Xoanxo Cespon


Arte Urban 8 by Xoanxo Cespon


Cores Marineiras by Xoanxo Cespon


Corcubion 4 by Xoanxo Cespon


Arte Urban 10 by Xoanxo Cespon


Arte Urban 16 by Xoanxo Cespon


Steamy Mirror by Xoanxo Cespon

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   |   Images = 108





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